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Tropical Enterprise — Quilt no. 2   2 comments

Tropical Enterprise


I’ve been a bit busy, but would like to share with you about my second queen-sized quilt I put together. “Tropical Enterprise” was an experiment with nine patch quilting which I was quite comfortable with by now. You won’t believe how this quilt got it’s start.

I was taking a chemistry class for the first time in my life, for fun. Most college students thought I was nuts taking chemistry for fun. Anyway, there was a cool colorful picture at the beginning of one of the chapters in our text which had nice sky blue tiles on top of which was an overflowing bowl of oranges, tangerines, and limes. The combination of colors was striking, so I tried to use those colors and others as a the theme in my new quilt.

Having done a symmetrical nine patch quilt, I decided to do one where the colors came out in a more random order, I also made the squares from 3 inch strips of cloth rather than 2 1/2 inchers. I figured it could save me some cutting and sewing. I really had a lot of fun experimenting with color combos. I began recording my different color combo experiments, and then set sail.

It began to come out really cool and colorful, and it was then that my wife suggested the name Tropical Enterprise, because it had that kind of look in its colors. I could never find material that was a true lime green color, but found a lot of neat blues, and vivid oranges that I liked a lot. With the 3 inch squares, each block came out to about 15 inches. Each block was made up in the traditional 9 patch routine with 4 nineĀ  patchers assembled into a square. Like I mentioned, I made it queen sized.

When it came to the sashing in between each block, I used an almost black with greenish flower patterns imprinted on the material. Some were not sure if I should because it was a little wild. But I liked it and it really did work. My boarder turned out to be about 4 1/2 inches, and with some help from the lady at the fabric store and my wife, we settled on an olive greenish color. My friend at Joann Fabric suggested that I do the binding in a rainbow-like pattern using all the colors I had put into my squares. It turned out really bright, fun, and many say it made them smile. I believe this quilt took me about another 8 months to complete. It truly was a tropical enterprise. I will include a picture soon. I need to find one, or take a new one.

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