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Square Dreams in Technicolor (Squared)   2 comments

Squares before they were totally "squared" away

Sorry it has been so long, but I have been pre- and post-occupied lately.
Square Dreams….is a quilt I made for my oldest son and family. I had an amazing amount of fun making this one. I used a lot of random scraps, and of course, “color” coodinated a bit. I used some ideas picked out by my daughter-in-law, and took off with them in my own way.

Most, if not all of the ideas came from a book called Collaborative Quilting by Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston. That was my first quilting book, and I really have enjoyed their spunk in the book. I guess I collaborated with them, and the ideas went through my head, came out my way, and wound up as a very cool, colorful, and fun quilt. I would call many of my blocks “fractured log cabin” or “pickled picture frames” perhaps.

I did really have fun, but I remember 2 big challenges: 1. somehow coordinating colors which often found me taking a lot of time going through my material to find what worked for meĀ  2. when assembling the quilt I wound up again, with a lot of different sized squares to assemble into blocks, to put the quilt together. this also required not only ingenuity, but also color coordination, and tricky alignments. It actually allowed me to hook together smaller scraps into trains/chains so that I could fill in some gaps. As they say in England “Mind the gap.”

As you can see, I threw in a few lightening bolts for good measure.

The quilt is queen-sized, and random, but I also tied in a wild colorful square/spiral rainbow center piece, and some pinwheels around the center and times four in the corners for some variety, and interest. AS couple of them spun out of control, but I kept them anyway. I didn’t need any sashing because everything was bordered, but found a very pleasant green with sunflowerish simple patterns to use as my straight french-fold binding which I did with mitered corners. In between the main quilt and the binding I put a 4 1/2 ish border of a nice, rich burgundy color which a man in the fabric store helped me decide on. He said to pick out one of the minor colors in the quilt, and use that as your outer border. The burgundy worked great.

When it came to the quilting I did square/spirals on the blocks as best I could, and outlined the pinwheels making them look cloverish. It seemed to work, I found a nice soft pale green material with soft colorfulish patterns in it for cheap to use as a backing.

I found myself going back to the books to remind myself how to make my own binding with seems cut on the bias, and using the correct grain of the fabric, so this binding turned out nice.

It was a busy time at Quilters Cove, because I actually had about 3 quilts going at a time. But that did make for variety. I could switch from one to the other when I got in a rut. But I did have to make sure I remembered how I was making everything: sizes, shapes, sequence etc. Next time I get to the blog I will introduce you to Idaho Beauty, another nickle quilt I was doing at the same time for my daughter and her family.

We also had lots of crazy lovers of Jesus coming over from the student campus club, our church, and visitors. Our grandchildren and other kids are regular visitors as well. My wife has more patience with the kids than I do at present. That could be due to the fact that I taught primary grades for 25+ years, and am a bit worn out from kid land. Speaking of Jesus, I do need to be heading out for a prayer meeting soon. We enjoy coordinating with the Lord for His interest on the earth. He is Lord, and He will have His way. But He needs some cooperation.

Happy trails.

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