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Idaho Beauty   3 comments

I’ve been slightly busy lately. Sorry for my negligence. I just returned from a trip to Vancouver BC, Too bad I didn’t have time to pursue some quilting exploration. I was there attending an Austin (as in Texas) reunion for campus teams such as Christians on Campus, and Students for Christ for the whole Northwest. It was an awesome time! Quite a long journey from the Palouse. It took us about 9 hours, but it was worth it. We had some very good fellowship.

I will now begin a journey into one of my funnest quilts called Idaho Beauty which I created for my daughter, son-in-law, and 2 grand kids. My daughters husband has roots in Idaho, and so that is the reason I picked this Nickel Quilt design. Another reason was it was considered a little easier than Rocky Road to Dublin (previously written about).  I also really enjoy doing Nickel Quilts a lot. I like geometry, and patterns, and dimension in quilts.

I used a lot of red, white, and blue in this quilt because K. and H. are very patriotic. Those colors as well as many others made this quilt quite striking!. Of course, as in the Nickel Quilts I’ve seen, lights and darks are used to give the dimensional look.

I began this quilt in the Spring of 2011, in mid April. I was still working on a few other quilts, but its nice to have a few going, for the sake of variety. Sometimes you bog or should I say blog down doing the same thing for a while and need a change of pace. But usually I’ve had to familiarize myself as to the steps and sizes and, what have you, if I’ve been away from the pattern for a while.

This quilt did turn out to be really sharp, and full of color, and I was more successful in getting the points lined up properly. They were not quite as tricky to align this time, though still challenging. Fortunately I’m not so hung up on getting everything perfect, but I’m a more relaxed quilter. I enjoy it more that way. I’m having fun, not trying to win a prize.

This quilt turned out to be about 103×103. The red didn’t come out as much as I would have liked, so I put a nice bright red border, with a cool golden yellow coffee bean material for a thin border, and a dark navy blue binding.. That really set it off nicely! The thicker red border definitely was in order.

I did run into a little trouble if I wasn’t paying attention. Like I would get a point sewed on wrong, or a strip uspside down or backwards, so there were a few times when undoings were in order. That was painful if they were very long. Also some of the lights I tried to use were not quite the right lightness, and a few were too yellowish. I mostly left them in, but stopped using them if they weren’t working.

I did really have fun putting this quilt all together. But I kept running into a problem coming up with enough variety of white/lights. For the red, white and blue theme, they had to be quite white, and I usually used ones with more subtle, undistracting patterns if any. There were times I got tired of working on this pattern, especially the huge amount of double triangles required.

I finished this quilt in late February of 2012, so that makes about 10 months, but of course I was working on 3 quilts during a lot of this time, so it wasn’t my only project. I did have a strong push at the end to get it done, because my daughter was coming to visit in later February. She came with her 2 kids during President’s Day break.

The main draw back in making this quilt was the quilting itself. I guess I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was getting a little bit carried away with the pattern, and wound up putting more quilting in it than I had anticipated. I got very frustrated doing it for some reason. I believe the combination of doing more than I was used to, wanting to get it done soon, and perhaps the speed at which I was quilting made it quite a challenge. I spent a day and a half doing this one, and the thread was breaking a lot, which was very frustrating. I did some squarish spirals within the main design, and a few other varied spiral designs here and there.

The backing I picked up was some fun, but not so colorful, plaid material that I got for a very reasonable price.  It was soft, and beige-ish pinkish, with green and subtle yellow stripes. It kind of had the appearance of the inside of a sleeping bag, but it looked very neat.

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