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In between all the big items I’ve been doing, a number of small projects have been happening. (1st) I made an apron fashioned after one I used in my ceramics class. It was funly quilted but not neatly finished off in a very good way. This was back when I first started all my quilting, and I didn’t have any other sewing skills. I often tell people, “I don’t know how to sew, I only know how to quilt.” And this is true. I never really learned to sew at all. Sometime I may try to finish up the apron nicer, tie up the loose ends and stuff, but for now I use it as is, and not many folks see it anyway.

(2nd) I had a friend who was having a birthday so I threw together 4 place mats for her. She was moving away, so I thought it would be nice to do something hand made for her new life in the midwest. They were quilted, and had a dark green backing which came together pretty nicely.

(3rd) I was getting ready to make a trip to Romania to visit our friends there who we miss very much, so I wanted to bring them a little sample of some of my work. I was experimenting with these mountainy designs which I saw in a book given to me about “fast-patching.” It was called Nifty Nine-patch and there was a lot of messing around, and cutting on the bias, and putting things back together, and cutting out and matching different strips. The mountainy designs that resulted were very cool but a lot of trouble. Sooooooooo, I used my experiments with this design to make some table center pieces, and/or couch decorators. I made borders for them, and backing, and quilted them together. They turned out pretty great! I made about 4 or 5 small pieces for that. I would do more of that kind of design, but it was too much trouble for now.

(4th) I made 2 lap quilts using the Delectable Mountain pattern which I also really like, but it is a bit of trouble also. Especially because I didn’t have a lot of directions, but had to do a lot of it without extra help. I really enjoyed using plaids for this which the pattern requires. The plaids make the mountains really look cool. I collected a bunch of plaid, but also already had a bunch. I made one of these, and then liked it so much that I made another for a friend/co-worker of Sonia’s who got married around that time. It turned out awesome, and she really liked it. Besides the plaid, I incorporated colors from her wedding. I would do more of these quilts, but it was a bit painful doing the Delectable Mountains design.

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