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This fun quilt was a slow developing process. It started out w/ my friend Jed who wanted to learn how to quilt, so we made a few nine-patches, and left a few unfinished. It didn’t turn out for Jed to learn more quilting due to circumstances.
When I learned of Jed and his new buddy Jennifer getting married I wanted to make a quilt for them. So….I took the nine-patches Jed made and finished his other starts into a checkerboard-like block, Then I slowly built a quilt around them. So the center was just about a checkerboard.

Taken in the upper room.

Taken in the upper room.

Due to their wedding being put off again, and again I couldn’t get the quilt rolling very well at first. Little motivation. But I found out Jennifer likes greens, and darkerish purples, so I began to build around the center using my trademark bright colors, and working in colors for Jennifer in different blocks. I even included a really cool tree I had made, I used it as one of the corners. I call it The Tree of Life. I hadn’t made any more of it because it was annoying to make.

A lot of the large outer boarder blocks were made in picture frame-like style, building from inside out. I very much enjoyed throwing in some of my favorite trees I had made from time to time, and a fun mountain. I also threw in a few pinwheels in order to harness wind energy for the scene.

One unfortunate matter I had to undergo is that I wanted it queen sized, but then their wedding got moved forward a month so I didn’t have enough time to continue out with the quilt as originally planned if I wanted to have it ready for the wedding. It was still plenty large, but not queen. I udderly (notice cow blocks) enjoyed making this quilt, and tried to put a sense of humor into it, as I know Jed is funny, and enjoys humor.

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  1. What a fun and amazing gift!!!! Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. Thank you Brenda for your fun response!

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