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Hello fellow quilters. Happy new year 2016. I believe I have been most negligent in posting for quite some time. Sorry. I seam to stay a little too busy, and not just with quilting.

Since we talked I have made one full sized quilt for a family friend called Streak of Lightning. I have some notes I’ll share on that one. I made a new quilt for my youngest son which was an experiment doing a strip quilt technique which I soon tired of so finished it off w/ some of my more standard colorful border block designs. Thennnnnnn, I am now finishing a largish lap quilt with awesomely nice color combos of turquoise and assorted bright color accents. The book called it Path and Stiles, but I will call it Many Miles. This is for some dear friends who love the Lord, and give of themselves a lot. So it is a thank you for their faithfulness, and also for the sister’s generous giving of leftover scraps for my quilts. I built some of them into the quilt.

So I’ll get back to you with more stories and pictures. Happy 2016 quiltitiss.

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