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Streak of Lightning   Leave a comment

I did have fun making Streak of lightning because I was trying to make it quite colorful for a teacher friend. I was making it lap-sized, but it turned out big enough for two laps.


To finish it off I used a cut-in thin brown border along with a rich blue wide border, and a green brown binding. I do my binding via machine on the front side and by hand on the back side. The brown binding came with some cool sparkles. I make my own bindings.

The back of the quilt was a nice yellow with red flowers in it. I know Mrs. B. likes yellow. I got the yellowish backing for a really good price at a garage sale. I had plenty!

I remember having trouble getting the lightening bolts going up and then back down. You had to pay close attention to the lights and darks, and how you hooked the units, and blocks together. 

Anyway, we got it rolling without too much thunder. I varied the types of lights I used, which turned out fine. Some of them are a wee bit distracting. If I would have used the same lights throughout it would have been less distracting.

This quilt was finished on February 1st, 2014. That is my birthday.




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Many Miles   Leave a comment

As promised over one year ago, my, how time flies! Here are some notes on the Many Miles quilt. Sorry I can’t believe its been this long.

I went back to the fun geometric realm of Nickel Quilts. I enjoyed making this pleasingly colorful largish lap quilt, although it took me a long time to finish this up.


Altogether, due to much busyness, a summer trip to Europe with my son Preston, a torn meniscus in my left knee, and a few other matters seemed to delay my work.

Anyway, I had some nice blue-green material for my border which really set this quilt off, al0ng with other colorful contrasting darks.

I made this quilt for some dear saints/friends who have been serving the Lord mainly with college students here for quite some time. It was a thank you for all their care for people and for the material given to me by the sister (in the Lord) for my quilting projects. She sews a lot, I don’t sew, I only know how to quilt. Some of the things she donated to my quilting cause were incorporated into this quilt.

I don’t remember any troubles with making this quilt, other than how long it took. It was a fairly easy pattern. I always have fun with colors. I finished it on January 15, 2016. I’m not sure if I can figure out when I started. I’ll check into it.

More to come, sooner than later.


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