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I have almost completed the fastest quilt I have ever produced. Its name is still pending, but will have the word treasures in it. I was prompted to make the quilt quickly when I realized that as a part of a summer trip I would be visiting a very enthusiastic sewing friend who has a very high tech quilting machine among many other machines and devices. I didn’t get the memo that I was to bring a quilt with me that we could put together and quilt with her fancy computerized quilting machine.

I leaped into action, made a quick choice on which design to use, and colors to include. I had to finish the last block at her house using one of her sewing machines, and then had to decide quilting designs to use with my blocks, border and other spots on the quilt. The main design was a star-like/sunflower-like large design for my large blocks, a snowflake-like design for smaller squares, and a wavey fun design for the border. It turned out fantastic. The binding is almost finished.

Soooooooooooo, It is now called Jewel Blossom Treasures.  I started it somewhere in  May of 2019, took it mostly finished to Wisconsin in mid July almost finished, and reading to quilt it together, and eventually got the binding finished Oct 9th, 2018.

It turned out pretty cool for as quickly as I slapped it together.


Posted November 2, 2019 by tgbringhurst in Quilters

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