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At Present, New Project   Leave a comment

Well, my intentions were good, but with a poor follow-through. Another year has sailed by. Sorry. My quilting has been a bit sparse this past year, but I have been working. I’ve been making a quilt mural depicting some very fun events (which I have had many) in my adventurous life.

At present I have finished 5 pieces for this project, including a recent boardering of each one. I don’t know how many more I will do, but there needs to be enough to complete a rectangular longish mural. I have a few more ideas.

This isn’t my favorite type of quilting because it requires applique, which I’m not fond of necessarily. I do have a new sewing machine to aid me. Its a Singer Patchwork. It is a little more heavy duty w/ a few more features, but nothing fancy. My feeling is that for quilting you don’t need much.

I will take some pictures at an appropriate time and add them here, to give you an idea of whats up.

I have also been experimenting with a few bright ideas I have had. You’ll see a few examples soon. Happy Spring. I’m happy for some better weather.